St. George's Students' Union

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SGSU Minibus and Room Booking System:

The Minibus and Room Booking can be accessed by logging into the system using your club, society or community project username and password.

All bookings made using the system are considered provisional until approved by an administrator, which is  one of the four Senior Executive Officers.


Not sure which rooms you can use? Confused about rules? Don't know who to contact or when to book? HERE is the SGSU Room Booking Policy!


Booking system


(NB: Book AHR 1 for one half of the AHR with mirrors, AHR 2 for one half of the AHR without mirrors, and both AHR 1 and AHR 2 for the entire room).

Please note that only single bookings can be made using the system, and that bookings can only be made up to 28 days in advance. For blanket block bookings required in a particular term, or for bookings beyond 28 days, it is required that the bookings are made during Council.


For UNIVERSITY rooms please see the spreadsheets below showing avaliablity and then email to request the booking.


October-December 2018 Show Season 1 (Updated 19/09/2018)

January-April 2019 Show Season 2 (Updated 17/01/19)

If you have any questions about this document or room booking, please email:


Clubs, Societies or community projects wanting to book a minibus will also have to additionally come into the SU to fill out a minibus booking form and get it authorised by a Senior Officer of the Students’ Union (President, Vice-Presidents or General Secretary).


Please email if you have any specific questions regarding room bookings or login details.


SGSU Minibus Drivers:

Please note you will have to log-in in order to view this page.


Social Learning Space

To book the social learning space, aka the space outside the library, please follow the instructions in this document.

The library, to whom the social learning space belongs, allow us to use their space for SU events. It is primarily a space for learning, so please follow the conditions of use.

Please email Annabel Strachan (Vice President of Education and Welfare) if you have any specific queries.