St. George's Students' Union

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In this section, you will be able to find all the information and resources you will need to successfully run your club, society or community project.


Awards Nomination will open 28th Feb - 14th March 2018

SGSU Awards Nomination Information Pack

Please contact the Society Officers if you have any queries.

Society Budget Tracker

Please click the link below to be taken to the society budget tracker. In order to access this page, you must LOGIN

Budget Tracker

Updated 25/06/18

Handover Forms

When you handover your committee positions over to new people, you will need to ensure that you fill out and submit a handover form so that we know who is taking over the society.

Complete your 16/17 Handover Form here

Complete your 17/18 Handover Form here

Complete your 18/19 Handover Form here

Complete your 19/20 Handover Form here

Council Manual:

The council manual will provide you with information on:

  • Who to contact in the SU
  • Council Meetings
  • Society Paperwork
  • Dissolution of Societies
  • Newly Founded Societies
  • Society Finances
  • Room Bookings
  • Minibus Bookings
  • Society Emails and Webpages
  • Society Post

Download Council Manual

Please contact the General Secretary if you have any specific queries


Club & Society Constitutions and Handovers

All Club & Society Constitutions


Room Booking GUIDE:

Beginners Roombooking Guide

SU Roombooking Policy

Once you have found a room, you can book it by emailing the  


Please contact the General Secretary if you have any specific queries.

Web User Guide:

In the web user guide, you will be able to find information on:

  • Editing your webpage
  • Accessing your mailing lists
  • Obtaining sales reports

Download Web User Guide

Please contact the Webmasters if you have any specific queries.

Society Emails

This guide will take you through the process of subscribing to your emails, and sending out emails as a society.

Download Society Email GuidePlease contact the General Secretary if you have any specific queries.


Download Claims Form



 (When naming documents that get printed, include something in the name to identify it as a society expense)


To retrieve your printing history, go to and log in using your SGUL username and password.

Once you’ve logged in, click on the Transaction History option from the left hand side menu then type the required dates into the Filter section by clicking on Edit. You can then export to PDF or Excel (option at the very bottom of the transaction list) and print the transaction list, or attach it to an email and send to an email address.
If you experience any problems with this, please contact the Library via email to


Certificate of Participation

If you like a certificate of proof for your involvement in a Committee of a Club/Society/Community Project, please download and edit the below document to include your role, the year(s) in which you acted as that role and the name of the acting president from your club or society.

If you are getting a certificate signed off for being president of a club or society, please get the current president to sign. If you are the current president of a club/society/community project, please get the new president to sign your certificate following your AGM.

All certificates should then be taken to the SU. The certificates will be checked by referencing your society’s constitutional documents. The certificate is only valid once these checks have been done and the certificate has been signed and stamped by the Student Union President – Mr Muhammad Omar Hijazi.

If you have any questions, please contact the Societies Officers.

Download Certificate

Charitable Donation Form:

This form is for clubs and societies who wish to donate any money from their Student Union account to a charity or not-for-profit organisation. Please complete in BLOCK CAPITALS and hand in to William Morrell – Vice President of Finance and Student Activities.

Charitable Donations Form

Float Requisition Request:

If you would like to request a float for an event that your society is hosting, please fill out this online form, which will be sent to the Vice President of Finance and Student Activities. You will receive a response by email acknowledging and confirming your request.

If you have any queries, please contact William Morrell – Vice President of Finance and Student Activities

Float Requisition Form

Music Room Membership:

Click here


Insurance policy

St George's Students' Union Sporting and Non-Sporting Personal Accident Documents

If you have any queries, please contact Muhammad Omar Hijazi -



Insurance Policy Summary 

Insurance Plan



Insurance Policy Summary

Insurance Plan

Treasurer training slides:

Below are the powerpoint slides from the VP Finance's Treasurer Training on 18/09/17

Treasurer Training Slides

Please contact if you have any specific queries.


Bidding form for additional funds

Bidding Form

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment for St George's Students' Union Clubs and Societies

Please contact William Morrell at if you have any specific queries.

External speaker forms

External Speaker forms for St George's Students' Union Clubs and Societies

Please contact Muhammad Omar Hijazi at if you have any specific queries.

Health and Safety Policies

Food Safety Advice - when serving food e.g. Bake Sales

Health & Safety procedures for Clubs and Societies

Health & Safety procedures when holding events in the Bar.

Please contact Michelle Campbell at if you have any specific queries.

Year report information

Every club/society needs to submit an annual report from 17/18. We would like it to be no more than 1 A4 page.

Please include: 

-General activities of your society/club this year
-What your society/club has achieved this year

-Number of members and how this changed from last year
-Major issues encountered over the year and if/how you overcame them


Please do remember to send them to William Morrell at Even if you are a relatively new society/club or have not done much this year, please ensure you submit an annual report.


Performance Society Contract 2016/17

Please see attached the new performance society contract:
If you have any questions please contact Muhammad Omar Hijazi (