St. George's Students' Union

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The counselling Service

The Student Counselling service is a place where students can take their problems in complete confidence.

It is likely that at some stage during your time at St. George’s or in your later careers you will experience problems or difficulties of some sort - and in fact you would be most unusual if you didn’t! Whilst talking things through with a friend can be very helpful, there are times when friends are not available or it just feels too difficult or too personal. Your personal tutor may be able to help, but you may prefer to see someone who is separate and removed from the academic and assessment process, where you can be sure of confidentiality.

Here you will find an objective listener who will encourage you to talk about whatever may be troubling you, and help you to find your own solutions.

The counsellors are qualified, experienced and friendly.

The service is free, entirely confidential and is open to all St George’s students. Although it is popular, the counsellors guarantee an appointment within two weeks. 

The Counsellors are:
Meg Errington, Sheila Root, Susan Murphy & John Taggart

Monday 10.00-19.00
Tuesday 9.00-20.00
Wednesday 9.00-17.00
Thursday 10.00-20.00
Friday 9.00-17.00

How to book

It couldn’t be easier:

  1. Click here ( to book an appointment.  The student counselling service lives on Level Two of Hunter Wing (take a left on leaving the lift area with Eddie’s Cafe in front of you and continue to the end of the corridor where it’s on your left).

  2. Call up directly: (020) 8725 3628 [ext 3628]

  3. E-mail:

There are also 3 open sessions every week, which do not require booking in advance. These are on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 12pm-1pm.