St. George's Students' Union

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Welcome to St George’s Students’ Union! 

We are the recognised body which represents all the students who study here. When students join St George’s, University of London, they become automatic members of the Students’ Union. We have academic, social and welfare responsibilities, and our job is to make sure all students are supported and represented so that they have the best student experience possible!

We stand by:


Our Mission:

We will endeavour to represent and support our students as well as providing a service that achieves an integrated student body, treated with equality regardless of ethnicity, origin, religion, culture, gender or orientation and socio-economic class.

We will demand a high quality and standard of education for all students.

We will provide welfare, emotional and practical support to all students.

We will support students in pursuing all extracurricular activities with the aim that all students should have the opportunity to broaden their social, personal, cultural and sporting interests.


Our Vision:

That every student will be empowered to pursue and benefit from all aspects of the SU, the University and the student experience.


Our Values:

Integrity in all activities and democratic procedures

Equality in representation and participation

Excellence in provision of services and resources

Commercial services that cater for our students


St George’s, University of London Student Charter 2016-17

Click to view the St George’s, University of London Student Charter 2016-17 which  sets out the expectations of students, and of the University, in working together.


Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you have any queries!